Captain’s log. Stardate : 75599.4

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75599.4, sadly it has been some time ago when we posted last, but there can been a lot of stuff at we have been working with. But some of the nice things to tell are that our booster how has the new skills for compression and are in the progress of training those for lvl 4, so in 8-10 days they are all done.

We do still need to find a specific way of earning isk in a way that we know, if we do so, we get those isk.

The PI could still be a way to go about earning isk, but we need to get some routines about checking if the extractors are running or not, and if we need to get the PI mats up from the planets.

The reaction progress are in a standby right now, because of the mats we are needing and the isk we are needing, so the ISK gets the prio and then the reaction must come after.

There are too many things that we really want, but the progress to get those are slow, but hopefully we will get there some day (sadly its not today).

We stripe to make more posts with less time between, but there can go some time between anyway.

Fly safe and o7


Captain’s log. Stardate : 75512.8

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75512.8, we have tried for the first time to Moon mining, after we have change corp and alliance. We have also upgrade the mining fleet with both covetor and hulks (which both can mine ore and ice, with the fitt).

We do normal mine ice which give the larges amount of isk when shipping/contrating back to the corp. The ice are a really good income, regarding isk and the time.

We await the return of moon goo, so we have the option of learning reaction. We did only mine the R16 type of Moon goo today, because we did have any module strip miners for our fleet and we are not allowed to use strip miner 1 on R32 and R64. But as fare as we can see we only need the moon goo from those moons, where we can use strip miners.

The process of updating the sheet with the liste og blueprint are underway and the adding of product/stuff to the shop are also in progress. The shop does take a bit more time to update and add the new product. The biggest issue are updating the prices on the shop, regarding to ex evepraisal. We might need to find a Way to automate the updating of prices, Else when the shop are getting really big it would be a full time job.

Fly safe and o7

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75050

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75050 – we are having some issue regarding getting the isk fast as we want to. But hopefully the setup of Planet Interaction (PI), should help with it.

Regarding the pi have a made the goal to hopefully make enought isk to plex an account every 30 days and even more isk. We hope to reach the goal.

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75037.1

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75037.1, we have see the new free stuff that CCP are giving out and isk are really nice. We are looking forward to having more to buy new stuff fore.

New blueprints awaits.

Captain’s log, stardate: 75034

Captain’s log, stardate: 75034, we have had some of our blueprint (bpo) moved from a High security station to a POS in Null security. There where no problems there, so we can start gathering materiales for those ships that we had the bpo moved fore.

The gathering of materiale may take some time due to non-online time and some holidays with the better part of one. In the mean time, there has been some blueprint copies made for easier use. When getting online, some new blueprint copies will be made for sale an thises are going to be some simpel 1 runs one. Which can be used just to make one of the current ship.

As fare as we see the current production of high end parts like capital does not look like its the same high demand currently. But its not a resonans to get rid of once, Capital Part BPO’s. Just the other Way, we are looking for more, just so it would be easier to copy and to make.

Captain’s log. Stardate : 74758.5

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74758.5, we did get the needed gametime for our skill queue. So we had the time to complete most of the goal for this, but you never know.

We had made some brave journey’s, over the last couple of days. We have moved all of the blueprint (bpo), just by putting them in a DST and them just fly. Some of the times when you had over 20+ jumps, you had the thought “Do we make it” or “should we have a scout, looking for trouble”. But we did not.. we did securely move over 50bn worth of bpo’s and this has been some lovely times after. We Will be doing some new task or journey really soon.

Captain’ log. Stardate : 74713.3

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74713.3 – we in the progress of adding more skills to the new member of the mining group. But the time are running out and we need more gametime to complete the queue.

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708.1-1

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708.1-1 – some goal for Eve Online, has very different degree of dificullty.

If we should tell about those, hmm how should we do that. We could take it from top and down, thats not cool way to do that. So we are just talking about those in a random order, witch makes it a bit more interesting.

As we will called the “first” goal here, it that people recommend us to others, because we are knowned to delivery and can make all that are requered. We can make everything, because we have the assets to do so. So we will the “go-2-guy”.

The “secound” goal are that we hope get are minimum one of each blueprint (bpo), but that also requered a lot of isk to make this happen. Thats are also requered to be able to live up to the “first” goal. We have some bpo, but we can always get more.

The “third” goal is to get to the point, where we dont need to mine (to get marterials), but we have so many isk, so we just buy the materials that we needs. But that also needs a lot of isk, but also a lot of bpo.

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708-1

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708-1 – we are a new kind og blog about the MMO game called EVE Online and all the doing it this game.

There will be tried to keep it relevant to the game and what we are doing, there will also be made as many posts about the progress and the way are current trying to “stay” on.

If we findes links, pictures, movies etc, that we find could descripe the progress of the path, we will add that.

We have disabled the option of comments of the posts, because we are not here to debate, but i just want to share my goal and progress. We have moved from an corp and alliance in a crouded system to another corp and alliance. Here it is more easier to get the main goal of our goals in this game.

We are not sure that we should write our ingame name or the new corp/alliance we have joined. Its only because there are some great wars going on right now, and people should know, even if i had joined one of the sites, I just hope that I could be left alone to make my game wish, come to life.

Captain’ log. Stardate: 74708-2

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708-2 – we had a new members to the mega miner/Industry group. We had used a lot of time, trying to gathering all the assets around in the New Eden World

We have made a lot of trips back and forth, between some system, because there are a lot of items/assets that needs collected. But there are still assets out there, but some needs isk to be released to the new member. So we are in the progress of getting the much needed isk.

The new member to the mega miner/Industry group had some much needed skills, so we can have some very expensive items/assets moved over 20 jumps. Those assets/items are in the progress of getting upgraded/updated, to better versions.

There are some upcomining changes to the Industry (building items) in the near feature. It looks like some of the blueprint (bpo), have been changes regarding the building materiale and the amount that are needed.

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