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Captain’ log. Stardate: 74708-2

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708-2 – we had a new members to the mega miner/Industry group. We had used a lot of time, trying to gathering all the assets around in the New Eden World

We have made a lot of trips back and forth, between some system, because there are a lot of items/assets that needs collected. But there are still assets out there, but some needs isk to be released to the new member. So we are in the progress of getting the much needed isk.

The new member to the mega miner/Industry group had some much needed skills, so we can have some very expensive items/assets moved over 20 jumps. Those assets/items are in the progress of getting upgraded/updated, to better versions.

There are some upcomining changes to the Industry (building items) in the near feature. It looks like some of the blueprint (bpo), have been changes regarding the building materiale and the amount that are needed.