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Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708.1-1

Captain’s log. Stardate: 74708.1-1 – some goal for Eve Online, has very different degree of dificullty.

If we should tell about those, hmm how should we do that. We could take it from top and down, thats not cool way to do that. So we are just talking about those in a random order, witch makes it a bit more interesting.

As we will called the “first” goal here, it that people recommend us to others, because we are knowned to delivery and can make all that are requered. We can make everything, because we have the assets to do so. So we will the “go-2-guy”.

The “secound” goal are that we hope get are minimum one of each blueprint (bpo), but that also requered a lot of isk to make this happen. Thats are also requered to be able to live up to the “first” goal. We have some bpo, but we can always get more.

The “third” goal is to get to the point, where we dont need to mine (to get marterials), but we have so many isk, so we just buy the materials that we needs. But that also needs a lot of isk, but also a lot of bpo.