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Captain’s log, stardate: 75034

Captain’s log, stardate: 75034, we have had some of our blueprint (bpo) moved from a High security station to a POS in Null security. There where no problems there, so we can start gathering materiales for those ships that we had the bpo moved fore.

The gathering of materiale may take some time due to non-online time and some holidays with the better part of one. In the mean time, there has been some blueprint copies made for easier use. When getting online, some new blueprint copies will be made for sale an thises are going to be some simpel 1 runs one. Which can be used just to make one of the current ship.

As fare as we see the current production of high end parts like capital does not look like its the same high demand currently. But its not a resonans to get rid of once, Capital Part BPO’s. Just the other Way, we are looking for more, just so it would be easier to copy and to make.