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Captain’s log. Stardate : 75512.8

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75512.8, we have tried for the first time to Moon mining, after we have change corp and alliance. We have also upgrade the mining fleet with both covetor and hulks (which both can mine ore and ice, with the fitt).

We do normal mine ice which give the larges amount of isk when shipping/contrating back to the corp. The ice are a really good income, regarding isk and the time.

We await the return of moon goo, so we have the option of learning reaction. We did only mine the R16 type of Moon goo today, because we did have any module strip miners for our fleet and we are not allowed to use strip miner 1 on R32 and R64. But as fare as we can see we only need the moon goo from those moons, where we can use strip miners.

The process of updating the sheet with the liste og blueprint are underway and the adding of product/stuff to the shop are also in progress. The shop does take a bit more time to update and add the new product. The biggest issue are updating the prices on the shop, regarding to ex evepraisal. We might need to find a Way to automate the updating of prices, Else when the shop are getting really big it would be a full time job.

Fly safe and o7