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Captain’s log. Stardate : 75599.4

Captain’s log. Stardate : 75599.4, sadly it has been some time ago when we posted last, but there can been a lot of stuff at we have been working with. But some of the nice things to tell are that our booster how has the new skills for compression and are in the progress of training those for lvl 4, so in 8-10 days they are all done.

We do still need to find a specific way of earning isk in a way that we know, if we do so, we get those isk.

The PI could still be a way to go about earning isk, but we need to get some routines about checking if the extractors are running or not, and if we need to get the PI mats up from the planets.

The reaction progress are in a standby right now, because of the mats we are needing and the isk we are needing, so the ISK gets the prio and then the reaction must come after.

There are too many things that we really want, but the progress to get those are slow, but hopefully we will get there some day (sadly its not today).

We stripe to make more posts with less time between, but there can go some time between anyway.

Fly safe and o7